Nichia NF2L757GRT-V1 LED 3000K R8000 with PCB (Star) 135lm 3000K

Nichia NF2L757GRT-V1 LED 3000K R8000 with PCB (Star) 135lm 3000K

Nichia NF2L757GRT-V1 LED 3000K R8000 with PCB (Star) 135lm 3000K
Nichia NF2L757GRT-V1 LED 3000K R8000 with PCB (Star) 135lm 3000K Nichia NF2L757GRT-V1 LED 3000K R8000 with PCB (Star) 135lm 3000K

Nichia NF2L757GRT-V1 LED 3000K R8000 with PCB (Star) 135lm 3000K

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The Nichia 757 LED lights with a calming warm white light with 3000K, that we recommend being used in kitchens and bathrooms. Compared with 2700K, warm light at 3000K creates a relaxing ambiance but with a bit more clarity in the environment, good for residential areas where typically you are completing tasks. For business applications the warm glow creates a cozy, home like atmosphere in guest rooms, cafes and clothing stores.

With the luminous flux of up to 173 lm one LED is great for spot lighting or portable lighting. Multiple LED modules can be used for linear lighting fixtures such as flood lights, street lights or architectural wall washers.

Product description

With our PCB LED modules you can easily harness the power of the high performance Nichia LED for your application, without the need for reflow soldering or a sophisticated soldering station. The PCB is made in Germany and has the highest quality, ensuring the best heat transfer and the longest LED lifetime. Solder pads are easy to connect with the basic soldering iron.  The PCB LED is great for small projects, rapid prototyping or custom builds.

Nichia’s 757G series mid-power, 3030 LED package uses a proprietary design and thermoset composite material to deliver efficacy and value beyond current high-power LED capabilities.

Further more, with luminous efficacy reaching 220 lumens/watt, the Nichia 757G series surpasses in performance all other commercially available mid-power LEDs as of 2017.

LM-80 and TM-21 reports from Nichia certify also reliability at over 60,000 hours with minimum color shifts.  

The unique design attributes in the 757G series ensure great reliability while delivering high visual comfort with uniform light distribution and tighter color control. The differentiation rests with the proprietary thermoset composite packing materials paired with high-efficiency LED chips and specially blended phosphors.


  • 0.6- 1.0W Mid-Power LED series
  • 757 package (dimensions: 3.0x3.0x0.52mm)
  • Various color temperatures available
  • With 3 SDCM (standard deviation of color matching) as standard, 5 or 7 SDCM optional
  • Individual and flexible use
  • In single or double chip configuration

Color temperature options

  • 3 SDCM offered as standard
  • Center bin at extra cost

Application areas

  • LED lamps and luminaires
  • LED tubes and downlights
  • LED panels and displays

Delivery and price rules:

  • Available in Emitter form or with PCB for easy installation
  • Price for 1 pcs valid up to one full reel
  • Price for one reel valid up to 5 reels
  • For more than 5 reels inquire for price
Technical Data
SKU 30158
Weight brut (kg or g) 1.000000
LED SIZE (mm) 3x3
LED Family Nichia 757G Series
LED Application Tube Light, Panel Light, Cove Light, Sign Board, Spotlight, Bulb, Ceiling Light
LED Installation Package Star PCB
Color Warm White
Color Temperature 3000K
Color Rendering Index 80
Viewing Angle 120°
Luminous Flux Typ (lm) 135
Forward Current Typ. 150ma
Forward Voltage Typ. 6.3
Power (W) 0.95
Forward Current Max 200
Luminous Flux Max. 173
Power Consumption Max. 1.32
Luminous Efficacy (lm per W) 143
Manufacturer Product Code 30158
Manufacturer Nichia (Japan)
Availability beyond shown stock: YES
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